Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation Therapist

Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation Therapist with over 10 years of experience, working with New Zealand and South Africa Rugby and the U20 GB Indoor Athletics teams, as well as the HSBC World Sevens tournament.

Having worked within elite sports teams and in private practice, I focus on providing the elite level of care to the everyday personBy using a combination of soft tissue therapy, acupuncture, exercise programming and coaching, we will build a plan that takes you from pain to


We can offer a full range of rehabilitation treatments.

Massage Therapy

Whether it be holistic, deep tissue or sports, massage has been proven to help reduce tension, improve muscle tone and relax the body.Using a combination of various techniques and pressures to your liking, massage can be a great way of reducing pain and stiffness, and improving your body condition.

Joint Mobilisation

Sometimes our joints can become stiff and uncomfortable because they aren't sitting in the right position.Using various pressures and movements, we can gently mobilise the joint into a better position to reduce pain and increase movement.


Acupuncture is over 3000 years old and has many recorded benefits to improving our body's condition, physiologically and neurologically.From reducing muscle tension to stimulating our nervous system, acupuncture can help improve the balance of our body and can provide a less aggressive form of treatment.

Massage in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body goes through a number of significant changes. Not only does this add new stresses to the body, but places more pressure the lower back and pelvis.Massage during pregnancy can not only help relax and relieve tension, but can also stimulate the body's senses and improve your own personal awareness.

Injury Taping

Injury Taping
Some injuries may need a little support when you're not getting treatment. A little bit of tape can go a long way.
Different types of taping have different affects on the body and how we can encourage the recovery of muscles and joints following as injury.

Excercise Therapy

Not all treatments involve lying still.Half the work needed to improve the aches and pains you tend to feel can be done with a regular exercise and stretching programme.Not only does this stop the body from recoiling to where you started, but it also helps continue your progress during treatment.

Online Video Sessions

1 to 1 sessions from the comfort of your home!

Using video calls, we can help assess your aches and pains through movement screenings and postural assessments.Following this, we agree to an exercise and rehabilitation programme that will help reduce your aches and strengthen your body in the correct positions.

Initial Sessions

Initial sessions are always 30 minutes, to allow time for a full virtual assessment* (Subjective and Objective), followed by full exercise and rehabilitation programming.

Follow Up Sessions

Follow Up sessions are always 30 minutes, to allow time for reassessments of your posture and movement, as well as your exercise and rehabilitation programme.

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It's always better to hear about others experiences

Simon 2020

I have been seeing Michael for over a year in relation to various sporting injuries that I have fallen foul of. He is professional, knowledgable and friendly and following his advice and treatments I have always seen marked improvements. More recently he is now doing home visits and this is not only very convenient but it’s also obvious he takes safety very seriously in relation to COVID-19 and he takes steps to ensure both you and him are well protected and even with these measures in place it does not feel in any way like the session or was affected because of it. After seeing Michael I would never go to anyone else I would say to anyone suffering with any kind of sports injury then Michael is the man to get you on the road to recovery.

Marcus 2020

Great treatment! Mike was very competently assessing what was wrong with my knee. He then very swiftly went on treating the relevant area by loosening the muscles around it and even using needles. Whereas sometimes therapists leave it at that, Mike let me do a few stretches – and corrected my execution of exercises. Finally, I have a series of exercises to do several times a day now to build up flexibility and strength. I am extremely happy with his work and cannot recommend him highly enough. Apart from myself, Mike successfully treated my 13 year old son as well after a growth spurt left him with some pain in his joints.

Andrew 2020

Mike is very professional and extremely good at his work.Very reasonably priced and also very punctual. I have been seeing him for the last 3/4 years, and every time I have seen Mike, I have felt like I’m walking on air. I would recommend him above anyone else that I have used before.

Vicky 2020

Having a good massage when you are pregnant is almost a necessity, and finding Michael was a blessing during my third pregnancy! He understood all the aches and pains I had and was just amazing. As the months went on I got too big for the massage table and he suggested treating me on a chair and it was ideal. It was hugely beneficial in keeping me moving but also relaxed before baby’s arrival. My only regret was not finding Michael sooner. I can not recommend him enough. If you are on the fence, just give him a call and book, you won’t regret it.

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